Learn about eshop orders and how to process them, make your Terms of Service accessible during checkout, and add some useful extras to your right column, such as a login panel and search field.
Learn how to add products to your eshop, display them in multiple locations, change product and subcategory display layouts, and insert a shopping basket.
In this part of the series you’ll learn how to create the basic content structure of your eshop and add your logo to the header.
Is it really possible to start up an eshop on Webgarden in just 3 minutes? Learn how to open a eshop, choose a design template, and manage your settings.
Learn how to add Smartsupp live chat and visitor recording to your website, plus something about their setting options.
The holiday season is here! Maybe you’ve already decorated at home and at work, but what about your website?
Learn how to hide content by creating sections without menus, making content Private, using the Show from Date and Hide from Date features, and setting access rights.
Learn what the detail and description of documents and subcategories are and how to add content to them. Then find out how you can make your descriptions look smart and well organized using the document display options.
Learn all about the trash folder on your website.
Make sure your website complies with Google's new rules regarding the use of cookies. We'll show you how.
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